Will Davis

Partner, NYC

Will joined Power Tots in November 2019 to help broaden the company’s horizons beyond the Washington DC Metro area.  Will is leading the group’s efforts as our children’s gymnastics, dance and yoga company expands into the New York City area.  Will, of Puerto Rican decent, grew up in Brooklyn where his mother, a school teacher, would take him to talent shows at High School Redirection where she was a teacher in Brownsville, New York.  Break-dancing and rapping instantly lured Will into the beginning of an endless journey with Hip-Hop Culture and the music industry.  Will soon learned about paying dues and building character, a quality that would soon become the fuel to a rewarding career path in Hip-Hop music.  Will is also CEO of The True Wine Connoisseurs Wine Company and TV Wine Series with his partner Sadat X of the Hip Hop group Brand Nubian.  Will sits on the Board of directors of the Felix organization which was co-founded by Darryl “DMC” McDaniels from the Rock -N- Roll hall of fame group RUN-DMC.  The Felix organization’s mission is to help youth in foster care become tomorrow’s leaders, doing so by raising money to send American foster care to sleep away Summer camp.

“My mother was a career educator and always said that good teachers learn with and about their children.  Good teachers are lifelong learners.  Make your classroom a joyful place where every child is seen as an individual.  That is the spirit and mentality that Power Tots fosters.”


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Love a challenging and fulfilling job?

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