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Make Your Power Move

At Power Tots, the power of movement comes to you.

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

We lead fun, safe, and empowering movement classes at your child’s school, childcare center, or after-school program. For over 30 years, our proven curriculum has helped children ages 12 months to 12 years grow physically, mentally, and emotionally— setting the stage for a lifetime of healthy habits.

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga
Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

Safety First

Our highly trained and certified instructors have up-to-date background checks, health & safety training, and more.

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Believe in the power of a positive attitude.
Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

Power Moves

Through our age-appropriate gymnastics, yoga, and dance classes, children build strength, coordination, and balance. Our highly trained and certified teachers inspire kids to feel excited about movement and proud of what their bodies can do.

Power Time

We believe in the power of movement to help children learn about themselves and their world. Through adventure and fun, we encourage kids to take risks, build resilience, and celebrate their achievements all in a supportive and non-competitive environment.

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

Power Thinking

Our programs tap into a critical time in children’s lives when their brains are rapidly developing. New movements, such as walking across a balance beam or rolling like a ball, nourish the brain’s learning center and teach kids how to listen, focus, and follow directions.

Why Power Tots?

Power Tots supports children’s physical and emotional growth and well-being—all at a critical developmental stage. From birth to age six, 90% of brain development has occurred. Power Tots is based on science showing that physical activity enhances learning. Serving children with a rich foundation during these early years sets them up for future success.

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

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Power Tots In Numbers


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Highly Trained &

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Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga





Learn more about Power Tots’ unique offering at schools and childcare centers. Our fun, positive, and age-appropriate programs encourage a love of movement and enhance overall wellness.

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