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What We Do

Curriculum Coverage

Power Tots offers exciting programs in a safe, fun, and positive environment. We set our standards high by offering instruction that is never competitive and always encouraging. Our programs start with basic skills and introduce more advanced options as children progress. We apply the “say, see, do” approach to learning, making classes a success for auditory, tactile, and visual learners. Classes are held throughout the year at your child’s school or daycare center.

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

Skills Learned

  • Motor skills

  • Muscle strength 

  • Coordination

  • Endurance

  • Mobility

  • Bone density

  • Cardio-respiratory fitness 

  • Concentration 

  • Emotional regulation

  • Adaptability

  • Resilience 

  • Listening skills

  • Body positivity

  • Confidence 

Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga


Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga


Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga


Get ready to tumble, roll, and stand on your hands! Our gymnastics classes build a strong foundation of basic skills. Children love exploring equipment like the balance beam, parallel bar, parachute, springboard, and vaulting blocks. Our small group format allows us to offer individual attention ensuring safety and support.



  • Forward Rolls

  • Backward Rolls

  • Handstands

  • Cartwheels

  • Roundoffs

  • Walkovers

  • Handsprings

Let’s get creative! Our dance classes expose children to the basic steps through stories and games. Once kids progress, we introduce dance combinations from tap, jazz, and ballet. Children also learn how to count music and are given the opportunity to find their unique creative expression. Great for both boys and girls!


  • Chassé

  • Pivot Turns

  • Ball Change

  • Five Positions

  • Plié

  • Relevé

  • Arabesque

  • Cat Pose

  • Tree

  • Warrior Poses

  • Child’s Pose

In yoga, we explore fun poses each week as we take a new adventure! We begin with a modified sun salutation. Next, children then use their imagination to explore shapes and poses. Instructors keep the children engrossed by guiding movements and illuminating what is happening in their bodies.



  • Cobra

  • Camel

  • Downward Dog

  • Cat Pose

  • Tree

  • Warrior Poses

  • Child’s Pose

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