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Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

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Power Tots Kids Gymnastics Dance Yoga

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  • How can I get Power Tots at my Center/After-School Program?
    We are always looking for new centers and programs to join Power Tots. If you are interested in more information on our program, please contact us with your center/program’s name, location, and an email address for a contact person. We will be happy to pass along more information about the Power Tots program and set up a free demonstration!
  • I’d like to get a Power Tots t-shirt for my child. How can I do that?
    If you would like to purchase a Power Tots t-shirt, whether it’s for the first time or to replace an older one, they are available for $15 each. Please notify us by email or phone and we will get that set up for you.
  • Why do I have to pay a registration fee?
    A registration fee is a typical requirement for many enrichment, sports, and fitness programs that helps cover administrative costs. While we require a registration fee for each child’s newly created account, Power Tots is unique in that it is a one-time fee that is good for the life of their account. We currently do not charge any annual or seasonal fees.
  • Does Power Tots offer birthday parties?
    Since we do not have a physical location of our own, we do offer birthday party instruction but we bring our equipment and the birthday fun to your party location (home, rec center, etc.). If you are interested in more information about our parties, please contact us at All party confirmations are based on instructor availability.
  • Where is Power Tots located?
    Power Tots is a unique service that travels with gymnastics, dance, and yoga equipment to childcare centers, after-school programs, parks, or anywhere where children gather. We currently do not have a physical studio or facility where we teach, however, if you would like us to come to your school, childcare center, or your local park, please reach out via our contact form.
  • My credit card information on file has changed. How can I update that?
    To update your information, you can access your account online quickly and conveniently. Visit our home page and click “Enroll/Log in” to take you to your account access. If you cannot recall your password, please choose “I Forgot My Password” and you will receive a temporary one and a prompt to update it to a new password of your choice. You may also call our office at (301) 392-0187 with new information. Please update your information as soon as possible to avoid any past due payments/late fees.
  • Does my child need to wear any specific clothing when participating in Power Tots?
    Children should wear comfortable clothes that are flexible and good for movement, however, leotards or specialty clothing is not necessary. Jeans are acceptable, as well as dresses with shorts underneath, but please avoid pants with large zippers, snaps, or buttons as they may poke or pinch the children while performing skills. All shoes are fine as long as they provide stability (sandals and shoes without backs are not stable and may hurt the child when landing on feet.)
  • My child was enrolled in Power Tots at their center/school but has left the center and will no longer be participating. How do I discontinue?
    Please contact the Power Tots office directly via email at with your child’s name, participating location, and the date of your child’s final class. If the date of withdrawal is partially thorough the month, we will prorate the final month’s tuition. We ask that you not inform your child’s center or give verbal withdrawal to our instructors as our office handles all administrative duties. Whenever possible, please provide withdrawal information as early as possible.
  • Do you offer Power Tots in public locations?
    We do! Our locations range from recreational facilities to outdoor parks to community centers. Our public session offerings change seasonally, so for the most updated information on those locations and classes, please check our Public Sessions page.
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